We grow rose hips, earth apple, mursalki tea, ginkgo biloba, arnica montana and other herbs on a smaller scale. We offer raw rosehip and earth apples and dried and packaged in suitable sizes and types of packaging for you.

We help our partners to create and realize large scale and different types of finished products, but here we can also please you with part of our herbal range.

You will find benefits and positives in all our products, and specific specialized information in the description of each product HERE.

And in our blog, we will inform you about the details of production, cultivation, harvesting and other fun activities that accompany almost every farmer.

We not use artificial fertilizers. We grow our plants in sync with nature.  

We grow 120 acres of rose hips, 20 acres of earth apple, mursalki tea, ginkgo biloba and arnica on a smaller scale.