Jerusalem Artichoke/ kohlrabi/ Earth apple /Topinambur


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The Jerusalem Artichoke/ topinambur/ earth apples /sunroot/ sunchokes. many names to same plants. We are eating the tubers of this plants. The tubers are little bit sweet, very juicy. One big body 10cm, and many other tubers over it. Color: white. The Yerusalem artichokes  tubers are mostly bigger than 8cm, 6cm wide. The plants are more than 1.80cm tall :) With the plant, we have nothing to do. All nutrients he keeps in his trunk and leaves during December and January they get in the tubers. Just to make the tubers ready for us.The product is good food with healing properties. Here you will find many different recipes. Use it like main dish or decoration. One little tuber per day is enough to bring your body lot of vitamins and minerals, fibbers, who regulate your stomach. 

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